The newest vaginal band cannot prevent sexually carried infections (STIs)

The newest vaginal band cannot prevent sexually carried infections (STIs)

If the used precisely, this new genital band is over 99% effective. As a result less than step one woman out of every a hundred just who use the vaginal ring given that contraceptive becomes expecting in the one year.

The newest band can sometimes come out naturally, but you can clean they within the warm water and put it back in as soon as possible. You may want emergency birth-control, based on how long this has been away.

How the band work

New band constantly releases oestrogen and you may progestogen, that are man-made versions of your hormonal that are definitely released by ovaries. This:

  • minimizes ovulation
  • thickens vaginal mucus, which makes it more complicated to have spunk locate as a result of
  • thins the lining of your womb to make sure that an eggs is escort review Dayton less likely to enhancement around

Utilising the genital ring

You could start utilizing the vaginal ring any time while in the the menstrual cycle. You let it rest in for 21 days, then take it off as well as have a great seven-date band-totally free break. You might be protected from pregnancy when you look at the ring-100 % free crack. Then chances are you place a different sort of ring-in for another 21 weeks.

You’ll end up protected against pregnancy right away for those who input it to the first-day of one’s several months (the first day of your own menstrual period). You won’t getting shielded from maternity for individuals who begin to use it at any other time in the period. You will need to have fun with most birth prevention (for example condoms) towards first 7 days

You could talk about so it with your doctor or nurse to choose when may be the greatest time to begin using this new band.

Keeping this new ring

  1. Save your self the newest foil pouch the brand new band comes in to place this new ring-in once you place they away.
  2. That have brush hands, press the new ring amongst the thumb and you will thumb, and you will lightly submit the end in the genitals.
  3. Softly push the new ring-up into your pussy until it seems comfy.

In the place of an effective diaphragm otherwise cap, this new band does not need to defense your cervix (the entrances for the womb) to get results.

Whenever you have the band and it’s really awkward, push they a bit after that into the vagina. I don’t have the right or completely wrong location for it to be, provided it isn’t uncomfortable.

Just be capable make sure that brand new band remains there making use of your fingertips. If you’re unable to become they, but you’re certain it’s here, visit your doc or nurse. The latest ring do not rating ‘lost’ in you.

Following ring has been doing your own genitals to own 21 months (step three weeks), you eliminate it. This should be for a passing fancy day of the latest day one to you put they from inside the.

Removing the newest ring

  1. Which have brush give, lay a digit into the snatch and hook they around the edge of the fresh new ring.
  2. Carefully eliminate the fresh ring aside.
  3. Place it on the foil wallet provided and you can throw it during the the new bin – don’t clean it down the restroom.

Deleting brand new band might be painless. If you have one bleeding or discomfort, or you are unable to remove it out, inform your doctor otherwise nursing assistant instantaneously.

When you’ve taken the latest ring aside, you don’t set yet another one out of having seven days (one week). This is actually the ring-totally free period. Maybe you have a period of time-kind of bleed during this time period. You’ll nevertheless be protected against maternity in these one week.

Just after 1 week instead of a ring in, you will want to submit yet another one. Place the the latest ring-in in the event you may be still bleeding. Exit it ring-in to own 21 weeks, up coming recite this new duration.

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